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HolaSoyGerman Net Worth - $10 Million

HolaSoyGerman Net Worth - $10 Million

Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis (Born on April 25, 1990) known as HolaSoyGerman. Halasoygerman is a chilean youtube celebrity, singer,comedian, entertainer and blogger. He has more than 30 millions youtube subscribers, making it the second most subscribed channel on YouTube after PewDiePie and the most subscribed in the Spanish language.and more than 2.8 billions views. He has also more than 8 millions twitter followers and 6 millions instagram followers. 

Garmendia was born on 25 April, 1990 in Chile. At the age of three, his father died in an car crash close to Christmas. Germán has an older brother named Diego from whom he lived separately during childhood until reuniting in Los Vilos. He was very interested in music from a young age, and when he was 13, he formed a band with his brother called Zudex. Garmendia uploaded his first YouTube video in 2011 after being encouraged by his friends.
In 2013, he was accused of using fraudulent programs to gain subscribers. He created a video claiming he didn't use such fraudulent programs.

As of February 2017, his YouTube channel HolaSoyGerman. has over 31 million subscribers, making it the second most subscribed channel on YouTube after PewDiePie, and the most subscribed in the Spanish language.
In August 2014 and 2015, he won the "Icon of the Year" prize from MTV Millennial Awards 2014. He made a brief appearance in YouTube Rewind 2014 and made a longer appearance in the 2015 and 2016 versions due to how much he had accomplished during that year