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Ingrid Nilsen confirms relationship with YouTube sensation Hannah Hart

Ingrid Nilsen confirms relationship with YouTube sensation Hannah Hart

YouTube sensation Ingrid Nilsen, who came out as gay in an emotional video posted to her channel in June, is dating Hannah Hart.
While Hannah has been open about her sexuality for years, Ingrid only came out as gay this past summer.

In a powerful YouTube video that received more than 12 million views, the one-time Project Runway judge revealed she had been attracted to girls since age four but always dated men because she was scared of not being accepted by society because of her sexual preference. 

'I've always known since my earliest memories,' Ingrid said of her attraction to women, adding: 'This is not something that I chose. It is something that is a part of me and has always been a part of me.'
She went on: 'Essentially I grew up in an environment where homosexuality wasn't universally accepted. It was accepted by some and definitely not the majority and that was difficult.' Ingrid remembered a boy calling her a 'lesbian' in the seventh grade, noting that it was probably because she was always staring at girls.

And, having realized the negativity surrounding the 'gay' and 'lesbian' labels, even at that young age, Ingrid suppressed her sexuality and started dating guys, despite the fact that she was attracted to women.

A number of her previous boyfriends also appeared on her YouTube channel, including YouTube musician Luke Conard and Christopher Erwin, an executive at YouTube media agency Big Frame.
'I care about the people that I have been in relationships with and I respect our relationships,' Ingrid said of her former boyfriends in the clip. 'The fact that I am gay does not change that.'
Ingrid went on to praise the man she was most recently in a relationship with, explaining that he has been incredibly supportive of her through 'everything'.

The California-based YouTube star and Hannah have appeared in a number of each other's YouTube videos over the years, including a Game of Thrones-themed episode of My Drunk Kitchen.
They have also frequently documented their activities together on Instagram, but have been posting even more photos together since they went public with their relationship.
One photo shared on Ingrid's account last month sees Hannah in bed reading a book with minimal clothing.
'Sweet, sweet Sunday,' the beauty expert captioned the intimate shot, which garnered more than 100,000 likes.