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Finn Harries - Net Worth $1 Million

Finn Harries - Net Worth $1 Million

 JacksGap is a British YouTube channel run by Jackson Frayn "Jack" Harries and Finnegan Frayn "Finn" Harries (born May 13, 1993). Together JacksGap has more than 3.8 million subscribers. To date, the duo have more than 4.1 million subscribers and over 189 million video views. The channel adopted the slogan/themetune of "JacksGap, JacksGap, 5 minutes of your life that you won't get back," and each video is started with the line, "Hi guys, how're you doing?"A fan made 'Finn, Finn the better twin' in a PO BOX Video. Jack then made 'Jack Jack the better chap'

JacksGap attracts teenage girls in particular, with 88% of subscribers in this demographic. In 2013 the twins began to create 15-minute-long episodes about their travels in India, funding the venture with $40,000 from Skype, Sony and MyDestination. 

In January 2015, JacksGap posted a video called "Let's Talk About Mental Health" that was later referenced in an article on The Huffington Post in which he addresses the importance of starting an open conversation about mental health in order to reduce the stigma attached to it. In April 2015, JacksGap posted a video called "What Do You Believe In?" that announced Finn had moved to New York City earlier that year to study Design and Architecture for three and a half years at the Parsons School of Design, though he is still a part of JacksGap.

The last video to be uploaded on the channel was made in December 2015 and entitled "Our Changing Climate". The official twitter account has also been deleted and the handle relinquished, now owned by a member of the public with no affiliation to Jacksgap.
Although Harries played a vital role in the content creation for the channel, he was always more intrigued with the design process and less with appearing in front of the camera. He created a logo and began building a website that encompassed the brand that JacksGap was quickly becoming. “I’m still totally insecure about sitting in front of a camera, but it seems like it’s going really well so I’m just going to keep going for it,” Harries said. As the gap year came to a close, the channel had reached the 100,000 subscriber mark. After attempting university for a couple of months, an influx of opportunities and emails overflowed their inboxes on a daily basis, urging them to drop out and dedicate all their energy and attention back to JacksGap.

Upon their decision to leave university, the brothers immediately founded a production company called Digital Native Studios. “ When we started this company, we started to get more ambitious with the films we were making,” Harries said. A large turning point for their channel was when they received sponsors from companies such as Skype and Sony Entertainment to fund a trip across India with five friends over the span of three weeks. This sponsorship led them to create and upload a four part documentary series called “The Rickshaw Run” to JacksGap, each episode racking in anywhere from 1.4 to 2.1 million views. “The problem for me was that I did all this design work, the website, the logo – but the design work was starting to trail off. It’s almost like it had all been done,” Harries explained. In a state of unfulfillment, he began to get an itch that he wanted to explore architecture, a field he was always interested in.

“It was a slow transition realizing I was more happy when I was designing, making something tangible that I could hold, rather than something that lived in a screen,” Harries said. It wasn’t until a trip to New York City where these twins were working on their next film that he decided to pay a visit to Parsons School of Design. Jack Harries is now a documentary photographer and film-maker based in London. Through the success of his blog Jack has focused on raising awareness of issues about migration and climate change. Jack’s most recent film ‘Our Changing Climate’ was awarded a Vimeo staff pick. He is currently undertaking an MA in Ethnography and Documentary filmmaking at UCL. Jack has worked for clients such as WWF, Marriot, Skype, Teenage Cancer Trust, The School Fund and Google.
Apart from being a You-tuber, Finn is extremely concerned about the environment and believes that his generation is the last which can help save this environment. He says, “I’ve grown to understand that the society and culture I was born into is damaging the planet we live on at a greater scale than ever before.” It is this care and concern he has for the world that makes him so loved among his fans. There was a time when there were no videos posted on the channel and fans went berserk saying, “Please come back, your videos truly gave me so much comfort and inspiration” and “I always come back to this channel to see if they've posted something ... guess not :(“ among the many other comments. These posts from people show how much he means to the people out there.