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Courtney Jordan - Net Worth $81 Million

Courtney Jordan - Net Worth $81 Million

Courtney Jordan born May 7, 1985 in Durham, NC is an entrepreneur, speaker, and philanthropist. Jordan a developer of mobile apps, sold his first company with his partner Mary Bassey in the summer of 2010 to Microsoft, for a reported whopping $50 million. They would over the next five years parley their new-found wealth into a communications and technology empire, that spans 4 countries.
 Through their investments in restaurants, hotels, and their own English based consulting firm, they have netted what we calculated, to be over a quarter of a billion dollars.  Spending more than 75% of this on social endeavors. Such as their self funded non-profit organization that provides housing and educational resources . The self titled; Courtney Jordan Group,  aides the homeless and has even built a school for the disadvantage. Their camps for  kids has been perhaps their biggest achievement which has Provided free care, giving meals, and lessons in French, Arabic, and music not to mention Sending kids to Europe for cultural excursions.  
 Jordan and Bassey just last month announced their new project that would give over $100,000 to local entrepreneurs to grow and expand for their business, of course also giving him a percentage of their business. This small time rip off of the popular Shark Tank is sure to boost his net worth over the next few years.

Jordan the more public face and name sake of the duo is rumored to be known for his angry outbursts and violent temper in one interview given by his employee he is said to be a very unstable person, quote “it’s really Mary who holds him together, calms him down, if it weren’t for her I’d personally be dead.”

Jordan is said to be extremely cut throat and only care about one thing the bottom line. Nevertheless, we will keep you updated as it is also to be rumored to be launching a youtube channel according to his employee to “cash in on that”.