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Rob Dyke - Net Worth $ 1Million

Rob Dyke - Net Worth $1 Million(updated)

October 5, 2016
Rob Dyke was born on October 28, 1987, created his YouTube channel in September 2012. He started off making vlogs and comedy sketches, before starting his two currently running series, "Seriously Strange" and "Why Would You Put That on the Internet."

 To this day, Seriously Strange remains as Rob's most popular series, one of its videos being the first to hit one million views on the channel. Rob Dyke is a self-proclaimed Turtlekin, and has a best-selling fragrance known as Chicken Permission.

Why Would You Put That On The Internet? is a series by Rob Dyke made one January 8, 2013, where fans send Rob things they've found on the internet, which are ridiculous and probably should not have been made. This series is the main comedy series on Rob's channel, with one new video being uploaded every Friday or Saturday.

Although Rob has gotten bored with the series and plans to end it on its 100th episode, he replaced it with Social Autopsy. However, with the release of the 100th episode, he announced the series would continue, and he is now, once more, a "comedy and tragedy" channel.