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Lucas Cruikshank Net Worth - $6 Million

Lucas Cruikshank Net Worth - $6 Million

Who is Lucas Cruikshank and what is his net worth 2018? In a digital world, where we are living today, the significance of Internet has grown by leap and bounds. Now everything is just a click away. One major service that came into being after the birth of internet is YouTube. With endless video featuring almost every aspect of life, this has now come into view as one of the chief source of entertainment. Along with entertainment, it has been an unconventional source of income as well. Have you ever thought that a single click on a video over YouTube increases the bank balance of the video up loader?

Lucas Alan Cruikshank is a live example for this. He is an American actor and creator of Fred Figglehorn, a YouTube character. With this character, he ruled over the YouTube. The character was the center of Fred series which debuted on YouTube late 2005. His channel on YouTube holds the badge to have over one million subscribers in the history of YouTube. With such enormous success at an early age, Lucas gave us numerous reasons to raise our brows on his net worth. So, how much this youth icon owns?

How much is the net worth of Lucas Cruikshank? Let’s peep into a little more into his life to have the exact answer.

Early Life
Lucas was born on August 29, 1993 in Columbus, Nebraska, US. His father was Dave Alan Cruikshank and mother’s name was Molly Jeanne. He was grown up in a close knitted family along with his two brothers named, Jacob and Ethan and five sisters. He went to Lakeview High School. Not much of facts about him are known to public.
Personal Life- In one of his video, released on August 20, 2013, he announced that he is a gay. He met his boyfriend Mathew Fawcus in a gay club.

In 2005, after much of testing of various ideas to create a character, he shaped up Fred in a Halloween video and uploaded to the YouTube channel which he used to owned with his two cousins. The character swayed away the hearts of many. This led him to make a whole new series dedicated only to Fred. Afterwards in April 2008, Fred series came into being. It was a major hit and his channel got one millions subscriptions by the time of Christmas in 2009, and made it the first YouTube channel to do so.

Fred made its debut on silver screen with Fred: The Movie in September 2010 which was aired on Nickelodeon. Seeing the success of this, the duo joined hands to create a franchise and began creating the sequels in 2011. Till 2012, three movies were out of this series. Lucas’s innocent smile and looks grabbed him some television projects as well including Hannah Montana (2009), iCarly (2009), Supah Ninjas (2011), Fred: The Show (2012), Marvin Marvin (2012), Big Time Rush (2013) and many more.

Lucas Cruikshank released few music album and comedy album as well. He was also a part of JKL production, a joint venture of Jon, Katie and Lucas. In 2009, he set up his own channel under his name and has been regularly releasing vlogs on this. As of now it has more than 2,555,000 subscriptions which is quite big task of a 24 years old guy and many more are yet to come.

Lucas has won teen Choice Award in 2009, alongside, he was nominated for many awards including People’s Choice Awards (2009), J-14 Teen Icon Awards (2010), Kids’ Choice Awards (2013).

Net Worth of Lucas Cruikshank
This young breed of entertainment industry has own a whooping sum of $6 million. His source of income is asset of his various projects like YouTube, which is the major contributor, Sponsorship and advertisement over his channel, and television.
Lucas Cruikshank is a bag full of energy and talent. This young lad has shown to the world that success and achievement are not a matter of age. If you have the passion you can achieve despite the age number.