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Markiplier - Net Worth $9 Million

Markiplier - Net Worth $9 Million

Mark Edward Fischbach is the Hawaiian YouTuber “Markiplier”. His rise to fame was paved with hundreds of silly videos, mostly of him playing a video game and commentating it.It’s a simple concept, but his hard work has accumulated a whopping 7 billion views on his videos and over 17 million subscribers. He’s also held several fundraisers accumulating over $1.5 million in donations.

According to a leaked OurMine screenshot of his Maker Studios’ network page, he earned a shocking $665,820.16 in November of 2015 before taxes. Aside from that, speculative claims vary across the Internet from anywhere between $3 to $10 million.

Markiplier raised over $350,000 over two charity events for the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance in 2015. He also hosted a donation drive for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital on April 26th and raised $70,882 in one day.