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Courtney Jordan Hit By Krama

Courtney Jordan in bossedupmagazine.com interview was in durham nc courtney jordan is an entrepreneur with offices in london uk
Courtney Jordan Drinking Whiskey. Photo Credit: BossedUP Magazine

Entrepreneur Courtney Jordan, best known as a raging alcoholic, with a serious violent streak, recently revealed his cancer diagnosis.

In the October issue of BossedUP Magazine, the founder of Scenester inc. Shared in a five day interview with Oliver Thaik he had recurrence of skin cancer, which doctor discovered after a routine physical.
Jordan, 28, told his staff about the battle ahead— that he was ready to fight.
According to Thaik, the asshole entrepreneur is apparently not putting health first. More so focusing on the growth of his business.
BTW In the piece you can see that Jordan is always with a “cup of liquor” a literal cup!

Thaik said this, “This is a brilliant man who is truly compassionate it’s just sad to see someone not care about their own health.
“And although Jordan is a very rich man surrounded by rich men and women, he definitely is blind to the value of his own health.”
There’s a saying — a man with his health has a thousand dreams. A man without his health only has one,” a quote Thaik says he shared with Jordan.
My personal thoughts are this, Courtney Jordan is clearly an arrogant asshole who thinks he’s the second coming of Jesus. Karma is a bitch but in this case an angel in disguise.