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Vikram Barn - Net Worth $1Million

Vikram Barn - Net Worth $1Million

Vikram Singh Barn, born August 2, 1995 in Sheffield, United Kingdom

Vikram is one of the most popular gaming YouTubers. A member of both ‘Sidemen’ and ‘The Pack’ gaming crews. Known have a diverse fan base. His ‘Vikkstar123’ account, where he generally uploads all kinds of gameplay along with his Sidemen Crew, has over 3.7 million subscribers.

He also has another channel where he posts series of games, called ‘Vikkstar123HD’ with a subscription of 2.8 million users, his third channel hasn’t had much of activity lately, and it is called ‘CoDKarnage’, dedicated mainly to ‘Call of Duty’ gameplay.

Many of his fans respond to  this handsome YouTuber, giving him a fan following of 1.7 million followers on Instagram and a generous 1.3 million followers on Twitter; he has plenty of supporters on Facebook as well.

Vikram has a distinctive charm about him. He is tall and lean, with Indian ethnicity. He has jet black hair and sharp features. He uses a crescendo technique of commentary in his voice overs. He often merges humor into his videos with ease. Naturally talented and witty, he knows exactly what to say at the right time. He has millions of female fans going crazy about him, and is casual and breezy when conversing. He shares a wonderful rapport with his team, always being the victim of their jokes, but never taking it to heart.

He is full of enthusiasm and tries to be innovative in his content. He loves uploading fresh content regularly. He is also called the “most hardworking” of the lot by the other Sidemen. The only one of them to pass all exams with straight A’s! He is consistent with his uploads and motivates the others in his team too.