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KevJumba - Net Worth $2 Million

KevJumba - Net Worth $2 Million

Kevin Wu or KevJumba, as he is popularly known on social media, is an Asian-American celebrity YouTuber of Taiwanese origin.

He is a vlogger, blogger, comedian, writer, actor, humanitarian, and social activist, all rolled into one! His YouTube channel named ‘Kev’ (previously ‘KevJumba’) earned him millions of fans and followers within a short period of time. His hilarious video 'I have to deal with Stereotypes', earned him instant recognition as a comedian who seemed to identify himself with the audience.

Unlike the conventional multi-talented celebrities who are primarily after money and fame, he channels his traits to raise funds for the impoverished classes.

 In 2008, he launched another YouTube channel named ‘JumbaFund’ solely for philanthropic interests. He also gained huge applause for his roles in movies like ‘Hang Loose’ (2012), ‘Rock Jocks’ (2012), ‘Revenge of the Green Dragons’ (2014), and ‘Man-Up’ (2015).

He has more than 2.8 million YouTube subscribers. He and his father competed on the Amazing Race in 2010.