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23 year old Australian newcomer Luke Cosgrove will star as “Jay” in the Spike series THE MIST, based on the novella by Stephen King, Luke’s character is the sheriff’s son: handsome, arrogant, confident, and a star quarterback who is later accused of date rape. 

Cosgrove was born in  and raised in Australia, spending much of his time surfing. Starting acting at just 11, he starred in several short independent Australian productions.

Tell us how you got into acting?

I remember acting was the first thing I wanted to do in life. When I was 11, my parents encouraged me to go along to acting classes at the local town theatre after school. During the same year, I was lucky enough to land a lead role in one of the productions showing there. During the play, my character had this monologue on stage, and I remember looking out into the audience and seeing the smiles on my parents faces. I had that moment of “Yep, this is definitely what I want to do”. My grandparents would often take me to see movies when I was younger, and every time I’d walk out feeling inspired. I’d remember saying to myself “One day, I want to be able to do something that good”. So, I think it’s that continual drive to wanting to achieve something close to what my heroes have accomplished is what keeps me wanting to this.

Do you have any addictions ?
COFFEE!! or any kind of caffeinated beverage. Spending time with my mates and family back in Aus for sure. 

If you weren’t an actor, what would you be doing right now?

Honestly, I think I would be doing something in aviation, most likely a pilot. I’ve always had an obsession with things that can fly. I’ve always loved the idea that being a pilot could literally take you anywhere in the world for free, plus the uniforms look pretty cool.

What's your style ?

Usually, grunge vintage clothing. Biggest part of my clothes is denim/leather jackets and ripped jeans.

Boxers of Briefs ?
Briefs for sure.

What project are you most excited about right now and why?

I’m really excited about my project, The Mist, which will be released June 22. ‘The Mist’ originally written as a short story by Stephen King, tells the story of a small town that mysteriously gets covered in a dense mist. The series will take a completely original approach to the story line. There will be some very minor similarities between the book/film and the show, but nothing so obvious that it feels repetitive or replicated. The show’s writer, Christian Torpe, really has done an amazing job at creating a fresh take on the story while still remaining true to the Stephen King genre. This show is all about fear; it’s completely relevant to what is happening around us in the world today, and I truly believe that there is something in this for everyone. I play Jay Heisel, a local star quarterback and son of the town sheriff who finds himself accused of an unspeakable crime. The mist that you see on the show is a combination of practical mist that that came from a smoke machine on set and the other part is VFX. It was just really cool to see when they turned the machine on. I had a few scenes using the practical mist and it is creepy! You can hardly see anything!