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Anwar Jibawi - Net Worth $500 Thousand

Anwar Jibawi - Net Worth $500 Thousand

January 10, 2017

Anwar Jibawi's net worth is about $500 thousand. Anwar Jibawi is a star an Internet sensation. His fame comes from vine. He has more than 3 million followers and is among the top 100 viners. Also being quite popular on You Tube. 

Anwar is from California, where he was born August, 9th 1991. Now he is just 24 years old but he has achieved a lot from his glittering and so much successful career. He is from an orthodox Muslim family of America. He has an only brother Malik. He shares his videos and pictures with his loving friends through his internet profiles. Anwar. 

Earning $ 830 per day. This fortune comes only from the ads; she posts on the internet channels. He is the king of endorsement on the net platform. The first video of his career is “When sound interrupts your dream”, which he has posted on Vine and has gained a number of followers for the video. He has a brilliant presentation style and comic sense has given her this height of success by a flawless internet career. At the Vine, we also find some outstanding videos of Anwar including, “Sagging At it’s finest” and the “Drop the NaeNae”. His master piece of video presentation is The Time machine, which is available on YouTube and Vine both.