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Daniella Perkins - Net Worth $1 Million

Daniella Perkins - Net Worth $1 Million

Daniella Perkins was born on  June 13 2000 at Anaheim Memorial Hospital in California. She also has a younger sister named Devenity Perkins. Perkins is a Musical.ly phenomenon who featured with her younger sister Devenity Perkins on the account PerkinsSisters.

They have amassed over 2.2 million followers on the Musical.ly app. Besides Internet activities, she is a good actress and made her acting debut with 2014’s comedy short film Senior Slasher.

She came into limelight with her role as Sophia on the Nickelodeon Production’s teen based comedy TV series Legendary Dudas. Same year, she acted in the popular comedy TV series Girl Meets World, which aired on Disney channel.

She landed in the co-lead role of Ciara on the 2018’s fantasy and comedy TV series Knight Squad. Daniella also appeared in the 2018’s TV film Inside Voice as Milley.

In 2008, Daniella and Devenity began WzTheBuzz, a website where they review restaurants, places, fashion and more, and made it a business in 2011. They also have a YouTube channel called PerkinsSisters, where they two posts sketches, skits, vlogs, all kinds of stuff. Perkins earns about $25k per episode along with her sponserships she has a pretty nice net worth of 1MM.