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Ingrid Nilsen - Net Worth $1Million

Ingrid Nilsen - Net Worth $1Million

Ingrid Nilsen is a YouTube sensation popularly known by her YouTube name ‘Missglamorazzi’.
Born on the 2nd of February, 1989, the beautiful and glamorous Youtuber is widely tracked by fans around the world, who explore, virtually, everything about her.

Nilsen has quite come a long way on Youtube. Her journey in the American video-sharing website dates back to October 2009.

She began by making videos on trendy topics like fashion, beauty, and makeup.
Right now, the hard-working Youtube sensation boasts of a second channel she named ‘TheGridMonster’.

Not satisfied with what she got from the opposite sex in previous relationships, Nilsen took a courageous step on June 9, 2015, when revealed she was gay in an emotional YouTube video that was viewed by over 12 million people.

After ending her personal conflict, the Los Angeles-based Youtuber revealed her love for a fellow internet star, Hannah Hart.
Unlike Nilsen, Hannah has been open about her sexuality for years and is two years older than Ingrid.
Hart is known for the video series My Drunk Kitchen, in which she cooks and drinks with a range of interesting guests.
As time moved on, the lesbian chef confirmed the report herself.

She revealed: “I met someone who was a great fit for the real me… She’s also a YouTuber. She’s also one of the most brilliant, soulful people I’ve ever met.”

After some time, the pair’s relationship, which initially began as a close friendship when they were both up-and-coming YouTubers in California blossomed and both women frequently shared selfies of themselves on their Instagram accounts.

Over the years, the California-based YouTube stars also appeared in a number of each other’s YouTube videos, including a Game of Thrones-themed episode of ‘My Drunk Kitchen’.
The love birds sadly ended their romantic relationship in March 2017 and moved on to be just friends.
They subsequently confirmed their separation on Twitter, to the amazement of their fans.