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Tayler Holder - Net Worth $100 Thousand

Tayler Holder - Net Worth $100 Thousand

 Tayler was born on August 19th, 1997 in Vernon, TX. His father’s name is unknown, but his mother is Wendy. His mom actually handles his official Facebook page, and maybe some of his other social media content. Tayler saw great potential in the world of social media and decided to move to Los Angeles to begin his career. He started his Twitter account in 2013 when he was just a teenager. Around the same time, Tayler started a YouTube channel with Joseph Birlem, a childhood friend. The channel was called Joey and Tayler. It has since been taken offline. In 2016, Tayler shared an old video of theirs with an emotional caption. He declared that it almost made him cry, and he was sorry that the channel – and “Jayler” – had to end.

While he was growing his other social media accounts, Taylor was also working on his musical.ly account. This is the account that really rocketed him to fame. He gained millions of viewers and collaborated with other big artists on the social media platform.As of 2017, it seems like Tayler is just focusing on getting through school, working on his fitness, and of course building his social media empire.
Tayler Holder joined YouTube fairly recently – on January 7th, 2016. Since then, he gained over 220,000 followers, and his videos have gotten over 15,060,820 views. That must make for an impressive net worth for someone who has only just entered adulthood. Tayler posts many challenges and prank videos, as well as clips of his fans from his tour. There’s even a full-length original song called “Who I Am.” 

Barely 19, Tayler Holder has crafted a career for himself in the social media with his videos and uploads. But life which seems so smooth and hassle-free for this teenage sensation today wasn’t so all through. Holder was born in Texas in August 1997. With an aim to make it big in the virtual world through the social media apps, he moved base to Los Angeles, California. In October 2013, Tayler first created his Twitter account.

Simultaneously, together with his friend, Joseph Birlem, he started a YouTube channel called Joey and Tayler. Between early and mid-2014, Tayler made his presence felt at other social media apps such as Instagram and YouNow. However, the breakthrough in his career came with Musical.ly.com that augmented his popularity by leaps and bounds. As of August 2016, Tayler has more than 650, 000 fans on Musical.ly alone. His Instagram account has more than 210K followers, while his YouNow fan base is currently at 33.1K.