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Ashley Mardell - Net Worth $700 Thousand

Ashley Mardell - Net Worth $700 Thousand

Mardell originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, blogs about her daily life on her YouTube channel. As a result of her kind heart and glowing spirit, Mardell has developed a strong bond with her viewers. She's trusted, loved and admired for her voice in the LGBTQIA+ community. With 307,835 subscribers on youtube, numerous endorsements and a huge following on instagram and twitter. Mardell has a net worth of $700,000

Starting her channel in 2009, Mardell has built an archive of creative, discussion-focused videos that matter. Little YouTube vs. Big YouTube, the ABCs of LGBT, stereotypes, gender and sexuality, coming out, relationships, depression: Mardell’s content is a series of honest letters to her thousands of subscribers. She first gained notice online after collaborating with Hannah Hart in 2013 during Hart’s My Drunk Kitchen national tour, and from there, Mardell wowed fans with the level of detail each of her videos presented. With stop-motion, props, and collaborations from around the world, Mardell has never cared about being “YouTube famous” but instead, makes the platform a more inclusive place.
Through YouTube, Mardell has spent years creating personal (often educational) videos for and with members of YouTube’s LGBT community.

Her series The ABCs of LGBTmoves through the gender and sexuality spectrum as Mardell and other LGBTQ YouTubers share their own experiences. These videos are educational for all, but they’re especially important for LGBTQ individuals looking for information to support or explain their own identities. For young fans who can’t get an education on sexuality in school, this content is even more of an asset.

Her ABCs of LGBT+ series is a fun and eye-opening intro for people looking to broaden their specific understanding of LGBTQ+ culture, and the corresponding book of the same name, published in November, became a #1 best seller on Amazon.com. 2016 saw some big changes for Ashley, starting with cutting off all her hair, and followed by her engagement to girlfriend Grace—a process the two documented for her nearly 300K subscribers