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Joe Sugg - Net Worth $2 Million

Joe Sugg - Net Worth $2 Million

Joseph Graham or Joe Sugg was born on September 8th 1991 in Wiltshire England. He is the younger brother of Zoella, and is a British YouTuber, film-maker, author, and vlogger. He is known for his YouTube channels ThatcherJoe, ThatcherJoeVlogs and ThatcherJoeGames.

Much of Joe Sugg Net Worth is contributed from his YouTube channels even though he has other revenue generating ventures.
Joe’s main YouTube channel thatcherjoe has garnered over 7 million subscribers  as of Earlier March 2017.

The channel has also received over 900 million views on its video since its launch in 2011.
On average,This channel  in turn generate an estimated revenue of around $1600 per day ($576,000 a year).

Joe’s two other channels also brings in revenue,they both generate an estimated amount of $280,000 per year.
He has also started acting, lending his voice to a character in the UK version of The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, and appearing as himself in the direct to DVD Joe and Caspar Hit the Road.

Joe claims to not be much of a singer, but he is part of a YouTube based boy band, called YouTube Boyband. Many of the releases by the band have been for charity primarily. From 2015

Joe Sugg has been credited as the mind behind the Username series of comic books. I have been trying to find out his role in the creation of the series, seen as he is not the artist, inker or writer. Also in 2015 he was awarded a Radio 1 Teen Choice Awards, for Best British Vlogger.