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Bethany Mota - net worth $2.8 Million

Bethany Mota - net worth $2.8 Million

Bethany Noel "Beth" Mota is an American video blogger. 

In June 2009, at the age of 13, Bethany Mota started her YouTube channel, MacBarbie07, as a way to share her creative fashion and beauty tips. Five years later, a large Gen C audience of more than 5 million subscribers (collectively averaging 20 million monthly views) who can't seem to get enough of her tutorials, "haul" videos and style advice. How did Bethany go from making videos in her bedroom to launching her own clothing line and appearing on national TV?

During her first few months of uploading, Bethany adopted many of the Beauty & Fashion formats that were becoming popular on YouTube at the time. She uploaded “haul” videos (showing off her recent shopping purchases), makeup tutorials and vlogs with youthful fashion tips. Her videos did well, but her first video to surpass 1,000 views was a makeup tutorial based on popstar Selena Gomez. Bethany realized that tying her video to a trending topic—one that resonates with her target audience—increased her exposure. That video’s modest success enabled the videos that followed to reach thousands of viewers too.

Since then, Bethany has uploaded hundreds of videos onto her page, from makeup tutorials to outfit ideas. As of August 2017, her Youtube channel has amassed well over 10.4 million subscribers- and counting! A multi-talented gal, she’s appeared on television severals times and has even released her own single, Need You Right Now back in 2014.

Bethany’s videos resonate with her audience because her personality, style and themes are perfectly suited to teen interests—and they mirror her own interests. Videos such as “You Are Not Alone” (2010) and “Confidence” (2011) directly address issues central to the teen experience: bullying and self confidence. And she meets fans where they are: Bethany creates “haul” videos and tutorials from her actual bedroom, using items any American kid can find at the local mall.

In 2013, Bethany launched her own lines of accessories, perfume and clothing at Aeropostale, a retailer of casual apparel. A collection in which she retains full creative control, new items are announced directly on her social media accounts. How many 21 year old olds do you know have their own line of clothing?

As far as other endeavours go, she also went on a tour in 2014, in which she traveled across the country to meet her fans. That same year, Bethany also made her music debut with her debut single, Need You Right Now featuring Mike Tompkins. Although the song didn’t chart in the US, it did reach among the top 40 in Denmark. As of August 2017, its official music video has received over 4.1 million views on Youtube.

Regarding her music career, Bethany confirmed back in 2015 that a studio album was possibly in the works. Although there haven’t been any updates on said project since, she eventually did go on to release, Be Who You Wanna Be– an original song that she’d written, in 2015 via Youtube.

On television, the star took part in the 19th season of Dancing with the Stars in 2014, where she was paired up with professional dancer, Derek Hough. Although they managed to reach the finals, they ultimately ended up finishing in fourth place. As far as other TV appearances go, she’s also been featured in The View (2014), Live! With Kelly and Michael (2014), Project Runaway (2014), The Insider (2014), and Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig (2017), among others.

On June 13, 2017, Bethany published her memoir, Make Your Mind Up: My Guide to Finding Your Own Style, Life and Motavation!.

Currently it is estimated that the twenty something year old has a net worth of $2.8 million. Drawing from everything that’s been mentioned above, it would appear that most of this fortune came directly from the success of her Youtube channels. Having said that, it’s obvious that her income is also supplemented by what she makes from her various other endeavours (e.g. clothing line, TV appearances, tours, etc).