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Manu Rios - Net Worth $500 Thousand

Manu Rios - Net Worth $500 Thousand

Manu Rios was born on the 17th of December, 1998, in Calatrave, which is located in Spain. Manu has a special account where he runs hiss special vlogs telling about his current life. In Spain Manu is a recognizable personality as he has participated in a number of music shows and has played in one of the versions of ‘Les Miserables’ by Victor Hugo. One of his most favorite occupations now is to create his own versions of performing popular songs. 

He started his career when he was just nine years old after a named from the production team behind the show, "Cantando en Familia." But in the year of 2010, he landed the primary child role of 'Gavroche' in an adaption of Les Miseables.

Manu joined the Parchis teen band and booked in 2012 musical Don Pepito, and also recently working for the group. And also has an own YouTube channel as well named, "MANURIOS" and also a snapchat star.