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Bretman Rock - Net Worth $1 Million

Bretman Rock - Net Worth $1 Million

Born Bretman Rock Sacayanan Laforga In case you were wondering, Bretman Is his real name. "My dad was obsessed with wrestlers, and he liked Bret Hart and the Rock, so that's how he got Bretman Rock," said Bretman. Born in the Philippines on July 31, 1998.  After some time, his family moved to Hawaii, where he started his successful career in vlogging. Although his YouTube channel was created already in 2011, he did not post video there before 2015.

He makes personalized merchandise on his online website bretmanrock.com, where he furthermore advertise his name. He sells there apparel, makeup bag, phone cases, head gear, and posters. His most popular videos on Youtube include Full Face Pink Glam Tutorial, Whisper Challenge – Bretman Rock, and How to Contour: Bretman Rock. He is teen guru who helps his fans with everything from makeup techniques to skincare advice.

This Vine star really knows how to do shocking and funny videos as well as how to sell his name as a brand. It looks like he has successful vlogging career on his hands in the future. He already earns huge paychecks from YouTube, Vine and his own website. This young star is increasing his net worth pretty fast by spreading his name through variety of young fans who are interested in makeup and beauty industry.

 It must come off not a big surprise as he has over 8.5 million followers on Instagram. He also has over 1.8 million on his Youtube channel that he started posting from only 2015. Judging from this and his other minor sources he generates an income of 200,000 dollars a day on a 570 dollars on a daily basis. It is no wonder he has such a huge net worth.