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Jeffree Star - Net Worth $9 Million

Jeffree Star - Net Worth $9 Million

Jeffrey Lynn Steininger or known to the world as Jeffree Star born November 15, 1985 in Orange County, California.

Star has been building his online following since the days of MySpace, with over 25 million plays on his self-released music. After releasing two extended plays, Star released his debut album, Beauty Killer (2009), under Popsicle Records.

 When he noticed kids copying his makeup Star ventured into his own make up line of cosmetics, including his popular liquid lipsticks, is cruelty-free.

 Today, his YouTube channel boasts over 4 million subscribers; a recent video announced a collaboration with fellow Top Influencers list member Manny Gutierrez. 

His debut EP ‘Plastic Surgery Slumber Party’, produced by Ultraviolet Sound, peaked at No.1 on the iTunes’s dance charts, charting higher than major names like Cascada and Justin Timberlake! Star initially increased his fan base on ‘MySpace’, where he regularly posted his music and beauty-related blogs.

In just a matter of time, Jeffree’s massive fan following on ‘MySpace’ earned him reputation as one of the most popular unsigned artistes that put him on the highest tier on social media. Speaking of the overtly big social media success, Jefree Star is also quite popular on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

 His self-titled YouTube channel has over 3.7 million subscribers who are obsessed with his makeup-savvy tutorials that mostly resonate with the LGBT style of living. His music videos have created big waves that have now garnered over 10 million views, and not to forget his makeup sessions with his boyfriend Nathan, which now stand at 8 million views and counting!