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Jenn Im - Net Worth $1Million

Jenn Im - Net Worth $1Million

Jenn Im Born September 22, 1990 in Los Angeles, CA is a Korean-American fashion and beauty vlogger, best known for her YouTube channel, ClothesEncounters. At the age of 26, her channel has reached approximately 2.0 million subscribers and over 190 million views.

The Korean-American fashion star on YouTube Jenn Im has began uploading video on YouTube since she was only 15-years old. She grew up in Los Angeles with her brother James. In 2013, Jenn graduated from UC Davis and received a Bachelor’s degree in Communications Studies. Jenn Im also initiate make-up collaboration with Colourpop – Jenn Ne Sais Quoi in 2016.

Jenn is dating for a while drummer Ben Jolliffe. Her boyfriend is part of English rock band Young Guns, who are known for their song Bones. The single ranked #1 on the Billboard Active Rock charts in 2013. The sweet couple got engaged at the end of 2016. Ben also filmed it so Jenn posted the video in January on her YouTube channel.

Fashion guru Jenn Im also amassed incredible 1.4 million followers on her Instagram account. She also post there a picture of her and her new fiance the day he proposed and teased fans to watch her video The Surprise Proposal We’re Engaged! The video will soon reach 1 million views.