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Lisa and Lena MANTLER - Net Worth $500 Thousand

Lisa and Lena MANTLER - Net Worth $500 Thousand

Born June 17, 2002, in Stuttgart, Germany social media phenomenon who creates content on musical.ly and Instagram with the help of her identical twin sister Lena on their LisaandLena accounts. The girls have more than 12 million Instagram followers and over 24 million fans on musical.ly.

Aside from the lip syncing app, Lisa and Lena have also made a name for themselves on Instagram, where they currently have over 11.5 million followers. Extremely popular, their pictures easily receive upwards of one million each. As your probably already know, the photo/video sharing app has become a huge platform for marketing in the recent years. With the audience that they have, it wouldn’t be surprising if they were pulling in a decent amount from sponsorships and the like on Instagram.

In addition to being stars on social media, the twins have since also launched their own clothing line in partnership with OCFM GmbH, a German brand owned by Oliver Stefanovic. Called Compose, the collection consists of jackets, t-shirts, hats, and more, all of which were designed by the teens themselves. Regarding the venture, they’ve stated that “[they] want to make nice designs to make other people happy.”

As far as other endeavours go, it was recently announced this summer that they’d be taking their popularity to a whole new level with an European tour. Jointly produced by WME and Global, Lisa and Lena will be kicking off with three shows in the UK this August. Some of the venues that they’ll be hitting include London The Garage, Marcela Bikini, Madrid Icone Stage, Birmingham 02 Institute 2, and the Warsaw Club Kybrydy. For more information on the event, please visit their official website.

Currently it is estimated that the twins have a net worth of $500,000. Considering everything that’s been said above, it seems clear that most of their fortune came from various endorsement and sponsorship deals on social media. Having said that, they most likely pull in a decent amount from their clothing collection as well.

Seeing as how they’ll be going on tour later this year, it’s almost guaranteed that their earnings will continue to go up. If anything, the event will only bring them more exposure and attention. Will we be seeing the twins on television or film anytime soon? At this point in time, anything seems possible!