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The Martinez Twins - Net Worth $1Million

The Martinez Twins - Net Worth $1Million

Born on May 10, 1999, in Spain, Ivan and Emilio Martinez grew up in the Catalonia region with their sister, Rebecca, who is a tennis player.

They are Instagram phenomenon who has attracted more than 4.9 million followers to their accounts with his selfie-filled feed. The brothers have a YouTube channel called Martinez Twins, which boasts to over 3.6 million subscribers. 

As it happened, the Spanish brothers were introduced to social media, Instagram- to be more precise, by a few friends in high school. One of the latest crazes at the time, the twins jumped right into it. Though they had no idea where they were going to go with it at the time, they both created themselves an account on the app, to which they began posting selfies, and other photos.
Having inherited their parents’ good looks, the brothers had no difficulty at all attaining an audience on the platform. At the age of sixteen, Emilio Martinez posted his first photo onto Instagram- a zoomed in feature of his blue eyes. Despite its simplicity, it quickly caught on among Instagram users, garnering hundreds of likes, much to the teen’s surprise.
To date, their most popular upload, Walking Up in a Pool!! (Prank), has received more than 6.2 million views (within three month’s time). Some of the other top videos from their channel include We Duct Tape The Team 10 Pool!!, We Kicked Out Tessa Brooks, Reacting to Our New Song: It’s Everyday Bro, and 24H Overnight Challenge in Tessa Brook Room– combined, they have over 18 million views online.

As their presence on Youtube continues to grow, it’s only natural that their view count, and thus, earnings, would also continue to go up. According to Socialblade, their channel has been growing exponentially since January 2017. Currently, they gain anywhere from 20K to 30K+ new subscribers a day- that’s some incredible growth. In terms of video view count, it goes up by one to two million every day; within just seven months (January to July 2017), their total views has gone from 1.25 million to 97 million.