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Jake Paul - Net Worth $4 Million

Jake Paul - Net Worth $4 Million

Jake Paul estimated total assets $4 Million. In January 2017, Jake raised $1 million to dispatch Team 10, an advanced influencer showcasing stage and imaginative organization that means to advance high schooler stimulation. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Paul started making funny videos with his brother at age 10 and never slowed down. He was training to be a Navy Seal before he was sidetracked by fame and stardom. With a little more than 8.5 million supporters Paul’s YouTube is a tremendous cash making machine for him. His most viewed video has more than 70 million perspectives. His channel has collected over a billion perspectives add up to. The reality is that the 19-year-old social media star is building himself an empire. And it's not just an empire of views, likes, and shares. It's an empire built with some serious coin. Paul is pulling in seven figures. That's right: Millions.

Paul's movies, combined with his affable demeanor, made him a hit on Vine, a social media platform known for looping six-second video. He soon amassed more than five million followers.

Paul then extended his social media reach. Thanks to stunts like streaking through Times Square, he has attracted almost five million followers on Facebook, 3.2 million followers on Instagram, and nearly another million followers on Twitter. In total, Paul has almost 15 million followers on social media and his videos have netted 3.5 billion views.

While Paul got his start on Vine, social media swagger translates, he says. And the diversification of his online portfolio helps: When the popularity of one platform dips, another rises in its place.

In September 2013 Paul began posting videos on Vine, the site that let users upload six second long looping video clips. The short form video site had only been launched one year before but it was already followed by over 200 million users, and Paul quickly found that the comedy that his school friends loved so much was just as popular to millions of others on vine. Eventually Vine became so popular that it’s greatest rival, Twitter bought the company out and effectively shut Vine down by not allowing any new content to be added to it, but by then Jake had not only amassed over 5 million followers on Vine, but he had taken his anarchic comedy onto a variety of other social media platforms and had gained millions of followers on all of them too.

"Vine was super, super popular a couple years ago. And it's on its dwindling edges, along with Twitter, but they are both still very powerful platforms. And it is just about translating your content onto other platforms," says Paul. "Now Instagram and Facebook and Snapchat are super popular, and so I just create content on those platforms and grow an audience there."

"Social media is kind of the same across the board so you just have to know how to engage your audience and you will be popular on any platform that comes up."