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Yulema Ramirez - Net Worth $250 Thousand

Yulema Ramirez - Net Worth $250 Thousand

Yulema Ramirez is a YouTube sensation and a Musical.ly star who rose to fame and recognition with her video clips and uploads. Born in a Mexican-American family, Yulema had six siblings, three brothers and three sisters. From an early age, she wanted to make a mark on the entertainment world and found her way through social media. As a starter, Yulema began blogging for Tumblr. In 2013, she opened her YouTube channel by the name SelfBreez. SelfBreez was later renamed Yuleema Imaginee.

Yulema Ramirez is one of the famous American-Mexican musical.ly star and internet personality who is popular for her musical.ly babygirlulee account. Selfbreez is her YouTube channel through which she got a lot of attention of the followers. Her Selfbreez has  renamed as Yuleema Imagine. 

Interestingly, Yulema’s first video, ‘Ask Yulema’ on YouTube earned her more than 150,000 subscriptions in a year. The count doubled up in less than two years, with the subscription crossing the 300,000 mark by June 2015. As of August 2016, Yulema has more than 360,000 YouTube subscribers and more than 2 million followers in Musical.ly. Career apart, Yulema’s personal life has been a point of interest to her fans and followers. In the past, she was in a love affair with Steven Fernandez. However, currently, the lovely lady is dating Alejandro Ortiz.