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King Bach - Net Worth $4 Million

King Bach - Net Worth $4 Million

Andrew Bachelor, Born June 26, 1988 in Toronto, Canada is the most followed person on Vine. So what’s the recipe for his success? He created his alter ego, King Bach, that has quite different personality than him. Andrew has calm outgoing nature. Yet, King Bach is cheery adrenalized fellow. It certainly works and his fame and wealth are hitting new records each month.

As his presence grew on Vine, King Bach started to collaborate with numerous brands, uploading a variety of sponsored clips. At one point, he allegedly charged big-name companies such as Samsung upwards of $1,000 for every 100,000 followers that he had, for him to post a sponsored Vine. Seeing as how he had well over eight million followers on his account, it’s safe to say that his popularity on the platform had earned him a large chunk of change. In fact, he received so many requests from companies at one point, that he had to turn down most of them.

Although Vine has since been shut down, King Bach’s social media success continues on various other platforms- one of which includes his Youtube account. While Vine may have brought him his initial wave of fame, his Youtube account is also nothing to scoff at. Since he joined the site in January of 2012, he has accumulated over 1.3 million subscribers and more than 53 million view counts.

He was born in Canada into a family of accountants. Doesn’t sound like show business background, right? He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Florida State University. King Bach enrolled to New York Film Academy but dropped out later. His promising career on Vine is more than good replacement for it.

If you are still wonder how he could build such an amazing net worth through online videos, remember that he has more than 3 billion loops on Vine. He also get many offer now for sponsored Vines but he once said that he’s declining most of them.