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Lisa Schwartz - Net Worth $1.5 Million

Lisa Schwartz - Net Worth $1.5 Million

Lisa Schwartz was Born April 4, 1983, in Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA with over 2 million subscribers to her Lisbug youtube channel. Is without saying a huge star Schwartz has also starred in Not Cool, the TV film My Profile Story, and the ABC digital series This Isn't Working. 

She has won the hearts of people solely by means of her wit, charm and comic timing. She began with her YouTube channel ‘Lisbug’ from where she went on to starring in independent big and small screen comedy projects. She has spent a major part of her time on her channel the success of which gave her the courage to make a career in comedy.

She has starred in central role in a lot of films as well as TV project. From there she went on to doing voice acting and ultimately stepped in to the hugely competitive arena of digital media. Her channel is one of the most popular comedy destinations in YouTube and she is one of the few female comedians who have been successful in grabbing and retaining the attention of the viewers for more than an few seconds.

Lisa is not your run of the mill internet celebrity who lives only for the popularity and adoration of the vague online admirers. She radiates a rare substance that is probably built out of bitter life experiences and failures to come up to your own expectation. She takes on even serious subjects and puts them in a naturally funny contexts that allows her viewers to see the world in a much different light, albeit a bit not too serious.

Lisa is honest and has always come forward to talk about the most difficult situations of her life with a hope to spread positivity. She preaches to hold on to one’s sanity by doing something that gives them joy and says that by doing so one would never feel aloof or desperate. She has also used her platform well in speaking up about sensitive issues like cyber-bullying.