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Annie LeBlanc - Net Worth $500 Thousand

Annie LeBlanc - Net Worth $500 Thousand

Annie LeBlanc (Real full name is Julianna Grace Leblanc) is a young American YouTube star and promising gymnast, born in 2004. Her fame started within her parents’ YouTube channel, where she always appeared on their family videos. She started posting her own videos in 2015 and quite soon her channel scored more than a million of viewers. She is also quite popular on musical.ly. 

She is just 12 but has already taken the social sites by storm. Born in Augusta, Georgia, the YouTube Star Annie LeBlanc not just only has 2.1 million subscribers on her YouTube Channel Annie LeBlanc #ClelebarateLife but also has 3.9 million followers on her Instagram. Besides, Annie also owns thousands of dollars at this very young age. 

Annie makes most of her fortune with her YouTube Channel where she uploads videos about gymnastics meets and tutorials. In addition, in 2017, she released a music video, the cover of the Alex and Sierra song "Little Do You Know", which was viewed for over 4 million times just within 48 hrs

Well, her career has just begun and as a 12 years old girl she is yet to a lot more in the coming time.