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Baby Ariel - Net Worth $2 Million

Baby Ariel - Net Worth $2 Million

Ariel Rebecca Martin, Born: November 22, 2000 in South Florida known by her fans as Baby Ariel, is an American social media personality, singer and vlogger most notable for her videos on the social media platform, Musical.ly.

Fifteen years old at the time, she began recording clips of herself “singing” various songs in her lilac-colored bedroom. To her surprise, her work quickly garnered the attention of thousands on the web- before she knew it, she had become one of the most popular users on the app.

Since then, the blonde has amassed an impressive following on several other platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Not only that, but she’s moved on from lip syncing to recording her own original material- according to a recent interview, Baby Ariel will be branching into singing with two new songs, although their titles have not yet been released.

Ultimately, it wasn’t until 2015 that she first came into the limelight. At the time, summer had just begun as school had just ended- after her neighborhood was hit by a vicious storm, her family’s apartment flooded and they had to move out. In the meantime, they moved to her grandparent’s house where she lived out of a small suitcase. Incredibly bored with nothing to do, she went on her phone and stumbled across a lip syncing video that one of her friends had shared on Instagram.

Getting on board with the new app- Musical.ly, she created herself an account and began recording a number of lip syncing videos which she later shared with her friends, as a means of passing the time. To her surprise however, other users began viewing and sharing her clips and before she knew it, her follower count was growing to the thousands, tens of thousands and then hundred of thousands.
As she continued to make videos, Musical.ly started to feature more and more of her content on the front page- with that, her following soon rocketed. Not long afterwards, Baby Ariel surpassed the one million follower mark- a milestone for anyone on social media. From there, it just continued to soar; as of 2016, the teen had over 6.8 million fans on the lip syncing app, making her one of the top users in the community.