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Hayes Grier - Net Worth $2 Million

Hayes Grier - Net Worth $2 Million

Benjamin Hayes Grier is Born, June 8, 2000 in Mooresville, NC. He became known for his popularity on Vine. By the time the platform closed in early 2016, his follower count had grown to 4.4 million. Since then, he’s re-focused his efforts on his other accounts such as Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. Considering the size of his following, it’s not surprising to know that his online endeavours have earned him a considerable amount throughout the years. Fortunately for Grier, his brother’s fame helped to give his account an initial boost at the beginning of his Vine career. Determined to make a name for himself in the online community, he soon recorded and posted a number of comedic clips onto his page. With his distinctive humour, his content quickly quickly garnered thousands of plays within just a few hours.

As his presence on Vine grew with time, he started to rack up an impressive amount of followers. Before long, Grier was collaborating with the likes of Aaron Carpenter, Shawn Mendes, Taylor Caniff, Cameron Dallas, Jack Johnson, and Matthew Espinosa. Of course, he also did a number of collabs with his brother, whose fame helped to bolster his own.
Eventually, their popularity led the two brothers to take part in the 2014 Magcon Tour, a Meet and Greet Convention, featuring several Vine stars. Among those that also participated included his friends Jack Gilinsky, Mahogany Gordy, Jack Johnson, among a few others.

Incredibly popular, many of the dates ended up selling out prior to the actual event. Kicked off on March 15, 2014 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront in California, the tour continued for six days, before ending at the Miami Airport Marriott, in Florida. Grier’s first major public event, the stints would have presumably earned him some extra cash.
Not only did the tour help to bolster his popularity, but it also caused an increase in his Vine followers. Over the next two years, Grier’s continued to put forth a number of Vines, all of which were met with acclaim, especially by fans. Unfortunately, it was announced in October 2016 that the video hosting platform would be shutting down its services come 2017. By then, Grier’s had well over 4.4 million followers- a figure that had been increasing steadily prior to Vine’s shut down. While users are no longer able to upload clips onto their page, one can still view and download old Vines online- thus, Grier’s previous work still lives on on the web.

Following the end of Vine, the platform responsible for his initial fame, Grier- like many others, turned his attention towards other social media sites. In particular, the North Carolina native began focusing his efforts on his Youtube channel, which he had actually created back in November 2013- not long after the launch of his Vine career.
As of June 2017, Grier’s Youtube channel is just a little ways away from reaching the one million milestone, at 915,000 subscribers. Across all of his videos, the social media personality has also managed to amass more than 9.9 million lifetime views on the website- quite impressive for a seventeen year old.

He joined DigiTour to travel across the country to meet and perform in front of some of his most passionate fans. He was selected as a cast member for season 21 of Dancing with the Stars. He launched a clothing line with his brother Nash and Cameron Dallas through Aeropostale in 2014.