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Carli Bybel - Net Worth $8 Million

Carli Bybel - Net Worth $8 Million

November 27, 2017
Carli Bybel was born on October 17, 1990 in Morganville, New Jersey to Jody and was the second child of her parents. Her mother was previously engaged to a tattoo artist in the late 70’s/early 80’s. She broke off the engagement after he tattooed her face on his arm. Her sister Amanda is 2.5 years elder; both sisters love each other to bits. Amanda had a wonderful childhood, where she would go on two yearly vacations with her family. Growing up, her passions involved horses and tending to her family’s horse ranch. Despite the fact that she was allergic to horses, she and her dad would go trail riding on the weekends.

At the end her junior year of high school, Carli Bybel discovered a love for beauty and makeup. She started her own business, doing freelance hair and makeup, helping her think less about her family issues and the rumors spread about her at school.
As a high school cheerleader at the time, she received clients fast during her high school cheerleading days, as lots of girls she knew already loved how she did her makeup. After graduating in 2009, she got her first official makeup job doing for a photography studio at a mall. She quit within a few months, as she did not appreciate the way her boss treated her and her co-workers. While she was searching for other opportunities, she continued her freelance makeup work and started a job at a golf course to help pay for bills. After she quit, she decided to live with her dad in Florida. After two weeks, she went back to New Jersey.

As financial difficulties started to pile up in her family, she began freelancing as a makeup artist, with a payment of $25 per client while pursuing her business degree. She worked in a photography studio as a hair and makeup artist, but didn’t earn sufficiently and hence she turned towards YouTube. In 2011, she uploaded her first video ‘Curl your hair with a straightener – Tutorial.’ Within 4 weeks of uploading the video, she received around 1000 subscribers. Carli Bybel is a beauty icon and a sensational internet persona. At the time of this article over 5Million people follow her on YouTube. Her YouTube channel is CarliBel55 or InnerBeautyBybel. She is popular because she is a fitness, fashion, beauty and makeup guru. She is also known for her excellent physique.

She now has more than 5.6 million subscribers on her main channel, and has accumulated more than 520 million views, which have added a considerable amount to her net worth.
 Encouraged by her early success on YouTube, Carli decided that she could easily expand to other social networks. She subsequently started her Facebook page “Beauty by Carli Bybel”, which now has close to three million followers, while on Instagram she has close to five million followers. Furthermore, Carli has also launched a fashion blog, The Beauty Bybel, which is a heavily visited website, further increasing her net worth.

Aside from makeup, beauty and hairstyle tutorials, Carli has also done cosplay and makeup transformations, and so far has featured transformations on such popular characters as Daenerys Targaryen makeup, Harley Quinn transformation, and Wonder Woman hair and makeup tutorial, all contributing to her net worth.

She has launched several cosmetic products too, such as Color Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette, the sales of which have also added a considerable amount to her net worth. Regarding her personal life, Carli has been in a relationship with fellow YouTube personality and fitness coach Brett Cap. The two have also co-operated together on several videos.