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Farokh Sarmad - Net Worth $5 Million

Farokh Sarmad - Net Worth $5 Million

November 11, 2017

With over 1 Million followers on Instagram followers on his global luxury brand account @goodlife. This Law school student has famously flipped his goodlife brand into a global phenomenon. That has garnered him multiple speaking engagements , and a international spotlight and curiosity to which he has parlayed into a massive $5 million net worth.

Farokh was only a 15-year-old kid when he started blogging about luxury and lifestyle.  Farokh told Forbes magazine that he is into luxury and lifestyle for a completely different reason than most think.It’s about design. The craftsmanship. The power of a brand. The details in a Rolls Royce. The fact that it takes time to build a multi-million-dollar mansion. The materialistic things are much more than just shiny objects to him. They’re pieces of art.

Farokh is defiantly an influencer of not just brand, but the hope of a better future, he projects to his fans the ability to not just chase after a dangling carrot but to know no bounds and to excel in your passion to achieve your goals.  We anticipate this entrepreneurs net worth will grow as rapidly as his fan base.