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Hrush Achemyan - Net Worth $2 Million

Hrush Achemyan - Net Worth $2 Million

November 10, 2017

Armenian born Hranush Alexis Achemyan is a celebrity make-up artist and beauty influencer. Celebrity makeup artist Hrush Achemyan gained most recognition thanks to Kardashian and Jenner family. At the moment, she is working closely with Kylie Jenner. As of 2017, Hrush Achemyan’s current net worth is estimated to be around $2 million and we know more interesting details from her life.

Achemyan amassed impressive 1.8 million followers on her Instagram account. Aside from promoting her work on Instagram, Hrush also likes to post her picture from exotic vacations. She visited Bahamas, Bora Bora, and many more. Achemyan also likes to yacht in her free time with her friends. She cooperated with Tarte and participated in photo shoot to promote the brand.
On her website, Achemyan gives advice to woman about new trends and how to tutorials in beauty industry. She also promotes her Beauty Master Classes. She certainly knows how to boost her net worth. Her break through in career took place when Kardashian family reached for her through Instagram. Many fans noticed that she’s almost a Kim Kardashian‘s lookalike and wonder whether she had a plastic surgery in order to achieve this result.

Hrush likes to post pictures from her posh lifestyle on Instagram. Her luxurious exotic vacations inspire many fans. She also does photo shoots for many brands to furthermore increase her net worth. She is inspired by Kardashian family as an artist and loves to work with them.