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Jaclyn hill - Net Worth $2 Million

Jaclyn hill - Net Worth $2 Million

Jaclyn Roxanne Hill born July 20, 1990 in Chicago,  Illinois. She is an YouTuber and a professional makeup artist. She is known as one of the most famous beauty gurus on YouTube having over 4 million subscribers.

Although Jaclyn created her YouTube channel back in 2010, she didn't begin to upload videos until 2011. Before that, she worked as a makeup artist and an employee at MAC Cosmetics. Her first YouTube video was uploaded on December 20, 2011. She has been collaborating with people over the years. One of them is American actress and personality, Kim Kardashian. On July 11, 2017, a video titled "Get Ready With Me & Kim Kardashian" was uploaded. It received over 7 million views in a month after its release and is also her channel trailer.

Jaclyn Hill produced a highlighter and named it as Champagne Pop with the collaboration of Becca Cosmetics.