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Jay Alvarrez - Net Worth $2 Million

Jay Alvarrez - Net Worth $2 Million

November 21, 2017

Presently in year 2017, Jay Alvarrez possesses overall net worth of $2.2 million US dollars. You may be wandering about how this young boy of age 22 made this noticeable wealth. He amassed his great wealth through being a model and social media star. The videos uploaded by him attain many views and followings on different social media platforms, adding to his net worth.

Born on July 5, 1995 in Hawaii, USA with Dominican Republic parents, Jay sang her first song at the very age of 12 in front of his friends and classmate. The name of the song was Lo Que Ella Trae. He always had an interest in music and he use to listen many artist, he was a fan of Tego Calderon since his childhood. Later he met DJ Nelson and chemistry worked.

Jay Alvarrez is extensively recognized as a music producer, model and social media star. This young celebrity attained more than 5.4 million followers on Instagram. Moreover, he is also a great sports fanatic, being a dedicated skydiver as well as surfer. Also, he has more than 600,000 subscribers on platform of youtube and many of music videos by him have grossed more than 5 million views. Net worth of Jay Alvarrez is in millions and he is still working to boost though being young in the industry, Jay grosses income from his works in photography, modeling, in commercials as well as videos.

During initial phase of career, Jay began to make his name through his works in photography. He is too acknowledged for his commercial contribution and even for his Vine videos. Belonging from Oahu, in Hawaii, he was brought up along the coastline as well as ocean. This great sport junkie can be observed freely falling from one hot air balloon along with a nerf gun, driving enormous waves, erect on wings of helicopter, and plunging from roof to the pool.

The celebrity’s adrenaline based life is documented well by his camera as well as effortlessly attended through the finest selection of music. It is rightly said that to be accomplished to live life at the fullest is one of the utmost achievement anybody can achieve.

He initially encountered Alexis Ren as well as the couple drowned internet through their photos and videos captured from striking vacations, mainly in swimwear based scenes. This actually conveyed large following from public. Jay dated his girlfriend- Alexis Ren from year 2014 to 2016. In addition to perks of dating life, Jay too posts photos and videos of recreational activities done by him.

Driving Lamborghini, flying in helicopter, doing skydiving, etc. are the recreational activities he did. All such activities scattered through photos of his girlfriend. It is known that Jay is mostly spotted with her supermodel girl who is chilling or jumping off bluffs. Fans have flocked the couple’s social media accounts mainly due to their astonishing trips as well as adventures.