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Josh Cartu - Net Worth $5 Million

Josh Cartu - Net Worth $5 Million

October 5, 2017

Josh Michael Cartu was born on March 11, 1979 in St. Catherines, Canada. Even when he was just a small boy, he already had business ideas and has always acted like he was older than he actually is. With only 18 years he started selling cars in his father’s car dealership, but it wasn’t long before he decided to move abroad in search for happiness. When he was younger, he dreamed about becoming a pilot and his love for cars and vehicles in general, remained until today. Even though he dreamed of becoming a pilot or an astronaut, Josh ended up getting the adrenaline rush he needed by racing speed cars. He is the gentleman racer for Ferrari/AFCorse Racing and he is currently training AF Corse Italy. In 2012 he began training for the GT Sports Car Racing class. In the following years he joined AFCorse team for the European Ferrari and European Ferrari Challenge Cup.

Josh also joins race rallies quite often, and his current position in the race driving world gives him the opportunity to own several Ferrari cars and BMW’s. He also owns a Rolls Royce Phantom. Josh is on the advisory board for the Briggs Automotive Company and he is also a member of the Team WolfPack.
Team WolfPack unites famous race car owners and they all compete in the annual Gumball3000 race. The race is being held on public roads and the money from the race is meant for various charity causes. In the latest race, that was held in 2016, his racing partner was Sullivan Stapelton, a famous actor.
On the Briggs team, he helped in designing BAC Mono cars and he has already designed two of those cars for himself and joined in on the film production of the car’s to show off their endurance and speed on public roads.

Josh earns most of his money from racing awards and sponsorships. He explained to the Forbes magazine how the sponsorships work in the racing industry and how product placements have a major influence on many athletes and sports in general.
He received a Mr. Cavalcade award from Ferrari in 2015 and Josh also joined in on the Formula 1 Road Show for Peace that was held in 2014. Josh was personally invited by the president of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat.

After finding fortune, Cartu’s first luxury purchases included an apartment in Budapest and a new Ferrari but because Cartu is a Ferrari club president, he splurged on a LaFerrari Roadster, also known as a Spider.

“It's important to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry and I think that's something we're pretty good at,” Cartu said. It hasn’t always been an easy road for Cartu who earns a lucrative living participating in rally races, drifting and motor sporting events such as the Gumball 3000, a celebrity race. The most expensive business lesson was when Cartu was defrauded by the software platform for which he was paying hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in royalties. 
“It was a nightmare that cost us more than $11 million dollars,” said Cartu. “The software platform was able to rob me because they already had their own business to consumer operations and proceeded to pretend to be my company and steal all our clients.” Those clients included advertisers and sponsors who pay a pretty penny for Cartu to wear their logos on his racing gear and for positioning on his cars.
“Like all things we used to contract out, we now create our own software platform for ourselves and for others who are frustrated with being in that position,” Cartu said. The secret to Cartu’s success is that he knows how to make not just lemonade but sparkling lemonade out of lemons. “Be it social media, investing or entrepreneurship, many times it's much more important to be consistent, show up every day and keep pushing,” Cartu said. “Showing up once a week and pushing at 300% will get you some results for sure but the guy who just runs at 80% and shows up every day is going to pass you like you're standing still in the long run.”