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LaToya Forever - Net Worth $500 Thousand

LaToya Forever - Net Worth $500 Thousand

November 18, 2017

LaToya Ali, Born February 7, 1989 in Scarborough, Metropolitan Toronto, Canada better known under the name LaToya Forever, is anYouTube personality and author, best known for her eponymous YouTube channel as well as her video blog channel "LaToya's Life".

YouTube star, LaToya began creating online content in early 2009, using her charisma, with, candidness, and vibrant personality to connect with subscribers. Forever, first used YouTube as a means to express her by recording open diary shows. However, in 2012, this lady has hired to be the Vibe TV presenter at the American Music Awards. She was one of the featured makers of the 2015 Buffer Festival, held from October 13 to 15, in Toronto Canada. Besides of her video work, Forever has also written an e-book titled 'How to become a YouTube Sensations,' where she shared her steps to success.

YouTube Star and author, LaToya has approximated net worth to be $500 Thousand dollars, and also has huge properties and also lavish lifestyle and much more amounts of money as an annual salary. This beautiful lady is famous as a social media star and also social media model, and helps to her earn these figures of net worth. She also receives shoe hosting, award presenting and also from her e-book and also her bestselling books. However, she makes from endorsements and corporate, as a model and so on.