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Marcus Butler - Net Worth $2 Million

Marcus Butler - Net Worth $2 Million

Brittsh Youtube super star Marcus Butler has a net worth of a little over  $2 million while he has over 4.75 million subscribers in 2017. Born: December 18, 1991, in  Shoreham-by-Sea, United Kingdom

He earns about $24k per month from his videos. Marcus Butler is extremely popular YouTube personality, he has two successful youTube channel to continue his success story. This renowned media personality from England, also an author and rapper, who has a successful music career to boot.

He posts vlogs, testing videos and the reaction videos to his youtube channels, MarcusButler and MoreMarcus. More and more viewers’ everyday views his videos on youtube. His videos are full of entertaining and humorous. This humor merchant has posts many videos as Male, with his friend Alfie.

He began the video and music mixing job from his college days, with editing the sports footages. Then his interest turned to his passion and hew came with his own YouTube channel MercusButlertv, which changed after as MarcusButler. But it was not his independent venture, he opened it as collaboration with Jim Chapman, Alfie, and Joe Sugg and Casper Lee and many more friends of Marcus.

He launched it on 2010 and after reaching a huge success and 4 million subscribers, he opened another YouTube channel, moremarcus. It has 1.5 million subscribers. He released different videos with different channels like Marcus, with his ex-girlfriend Niomi Smart, GWROMG and much more.

He released his first book, Hello Life. This autobiography has given him a worldwide recognition as an author. On 2013, The Telegraph has titled him as the “Britain’s Most Influential Twitters”. He is truly successful social networking person, he is equally popular on YouTube, Facebook and twitter.