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Marzia Bisognin - Net Worth $3 Million

Marzia Bisognin - Net Worth $3 Million

November 30, 2017
Marzia Zofia Bisognin born October 21, 1992, in Arzignano, Italy simply known as Marzia on YouTube (formerly CutiePieMarzia), is a UK-based Italian YouTube fashion & beauty vlogger. She specializes in making videos on fashion, make-up, hair, DIY/How-to videos, cooking videos, as well as miscellaneous ones such as Q&A's and a series called "Italian with Cutie", in which she teaches viewers to speak in Italian. She refers to her fans as "marzipans". Marzia even puts out storied animated content along with vlogging events occuring in her life. Her channel has over 7 million subscribers, making it the most subscribed Italian channel on YouTube.

On 16 January 2012, Marzia opened a YouTube account with the name CutiePieMarzia. She engaged in vblogging releasing videos that mainly focus on outfit ideas and fashion trends. She also produces videos on make-up tutorials, hair, and clothing. She does DIY and how-to videos, which specialize on things like making jewelry and other accessories like bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and hair bands. Marzia also does DIY videos on food such as cake, chai latte, and bruschetta. CutiePieMarzia also does “Out with Cutie” which is a filming of her adventures in various places. When she travels overseas, she makes vblog recording of the time she has spent there. He fans are called marzipans.

Marzia is the girlfriend of Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie). Felix has featured Marzia in a number of his videos in which she either plays along side him, or has guest starred playing a game on his channel or collabarting but in other video type fields. Marzia has been criticised for being with PewDiePie for his money and cast to the side just for being his girlfriend or just being labeled that way in the past, however many admire the fact that PewDiePie and Marzia have been dating for 6 years as of 2017.
Marzia presently lives with PewDiePie, her boyfriend, who is also a YouTube star. They reside in Brighton U.K. Marzia started dating PewDiePie in October 2011. This was after Marzia’s best friend known as Diazo watched the videos of PewDiePie sometimes at end of May, and decided to email Marzia the videos.
It was funny for Marzia and said she enjoyed the videos. At the end of June 2011, Marzia wrote to PewDiePie saying how funny it was and how she enjoyed the videos. PewDiePie wrote back and both started communicating on Facebook. Later on, Felix made several trips to Italy to visit her. Marzia traveled to Sweden to live together with Felix until 2012, a time when Felix decided to move to San Paolo in Italy. They stayed at the house of Marzia’s parents. They have together traveled in various locations including Brighton in UK, New York City, and Los Angeles.

In April 2013, they both traveled to Los Angeles spending a month there. During this visit, they hosted a party to celebrate PewDiePie’s attainment of 6 million subscribers. Both Marzia Bisognin and Felix Kjellberg have been regarded as the biggest YouTube power couple. In a description about their relationship by The Globe and Mail, it said that the calm personality of Bisognin balances the general wackiness of PewDiePie.