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Monica Galetti - Net Worth $3 Million

Monica Galetti - Net Worth $3 Million

Monica Galetti is a successful chef who currently lives in a London. She shooting to fame as a judge on reality television competition MasterChef: The Professionals. Her current net worth is approximately $3 million as of 2017. Lets take a close look on her career and personal life now.

Monica was born 1975 in Samoa and grew up in New Zealand. She received her degree in hospitality at Central Institute of Technology. Her first job after graduation was at Lower Hutt restaurant Timothy’s. The next step in her career was finding a job at one of the prestigious restaurants in London.

Her career continued to skyrocket and Galetti eventually became a senior sous-chef in Le Gavroche. That achievement is even more important since she is a first woman ever achieving it. She is married to a successful sommelier David Galetti and she gave birth to their daughter in 2006.

In 2012, Galetti published her first book titled Monica’s Kitchen. This further boosted her income and net worth. We wish her luck in the future career. She also works as a Samoa’s UK Tourism Ambassador and does a great job.