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Natalie Tran - Net Worth $250 Thousand

Natalie Tran - Net Worth $250 Thousand

November 19, 2017
Natalie Tran may not be a name that rings a bell but her YouTube handle, Community Channel, might. With over 1.6 million subscribers, she’s the number one most subscribed channel in Australia and is climbing up the ranks. Her interesting take on life gives viewers the opportunity to laugh at social issues and everyday occurrences such as how touching strangers is awkward (that video, in particular, has over 2 million views to date).

Her witty observations were so good that Lonely Planet, a travel site collaborated with her to produce video content. In one video, she taught travelers how to cook food in their hotel room with just basic items. Who knew an iron can be used to cook bacon and eggs?

Born July 24, 1986 In Sydney, Australia Natalie Tyler Tran The pretty-as-a-video Aussie, who favors low-cut and the occasional bikini tops, posts amusing observational clips on wearing Crocs (1.2 million views), her phony ultrasound (19 million views) and her big winner: how to fake a six-pack(27.6 million views). Her YouTube page has over 740,000 subscribers.