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Troye Sivan - Net Worth $2 Million

Troye Sivan - Net Worth $2 Million

November 25, 2017
Born Troye Sivan Mellet on June 5, 1995 in Johannesburg, South Africa, he and his family relocated to Australia when Troye was only 2 due to rising crime in the small African country. Living with his parents (father Shaun is a real estate agent and mother Laurelle is a homemaker), siblings Steele, Tyde, and Sage in Perth, he got a young jump-start into the spotlight when he was only 11.

Already a gifted singer, Troye sang as part of the Channel Sevel Perth Telethon for several years (2006-2008), including a duet with Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian, and made it all the way to the grand finals of StarSearch in 2007, the year he released his first EP, Dare to Dream. For the very gifted, singing and acting go hand in hand and this was certainly the case for Troye, who had local stage and screen experience before being cast in 2008 to play young James Howlett in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. This unstoppable kid was just getting started, though, and would go on to star in all 3 films of the Spud trilogy (2010-2014).
Teens are extremely hard to comprehend as their love and avocations are really so distinct and one’s love doesn’t fit with other. Maximum teens aren’t so sure things to do in their future and there are not many teens that are successful in making an early mark. Troye Sivan is a really gifted performer. He’s popular on the list of YouTube users as his videos have numerous hits. He’s an extremely popular YouTuber. He’s been successful in getting numerous subscribers. He’s a vocalist and song writer too.
When Troye was just two years old his parents made a decision to depart the area and move to Australia. He’s been active because the year 2006 and till now he’s been successful in whatever he really does. He’s three siblings. He’s only 19 years of age but his fame and popularity is immense. He’s done several parts in films. His functions were adored by the crowds and they were critically acclaimed also. He’s an extremely hardworking man and his fire has leaded him to the glory up to now. In close future he can do amazing things in the sector. He’s got lots of twitter followers and he addresses his supporters by tweeting often. His fan base is huge and to have such recognition at this kind of early age is a huge accomplishment. He’s from Western Australia. He’s really not that tall but he’s incredibly good looking lad. After three years he disclosed his secret before the planet in a YouTube video.

He’s given lots of performances. He’s an excellent vocalist , and it has performed in Australian Idol. He’s also released his record that was named Dare To Dream. The record had five tunes plus one of it was Unsung Hero. He’s done parts in big films like X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Spud. In the year 2012 he came to South Africa to finish his part in the film Spud 2: The Madness Continues. He’s done plenty of covers in YouTube like Tell Me Why, Crazy Love and much more. Wiki websites has info on each of the covers he’s done in YouTube. The tune was a portion of his record TRXYE.

He’s quite active in social media sites like twitter. A few of his shirtless pictures are available in the web. He uploads images on Instagram too. He’s only 19 years old and has earned some good money. His effort and commitment has resulted in an important increase in his net worth in the year 2017.

Recently in year 2017, he has stated through s Twitter account that he would feature inside coming of age/coming out move entitled Boy Erased, planned to be launched in next year. He would perform in film with Nicole Kidman and Xavier Dolan. In year 2012, he started making video blogs on video sharing site i.e. youtube, after he only sung on a site since 2007.
Troye Sivan’s video entitled “The ‘Boyfriend’ Tag”, with associated vlogger named Tyler Oakley received them a Teen Choice Award inside category of “Choice Web Collaboration”. In year 2014, Time entitled him as one among the “25 Most Influential Teens of 2014”.


Troye Sivan has an estimated net worth of $2 Million as of 2017-2018. He makes his fortune from being an actor and singer-songwriter globally.


He earned excellently being an actor as he was featured in film namely Spud, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Spud 2: The Madness Continues. The actor will feature as Spud inside Spud 3: Learning to Fly. Moreover, he too featured as Oliver Twist in a stage production, adding to his income.

The instant from where he has launched his debut album entitled Dare to Dream during year 2008, his singing endeavours and earnings increased. The singer too contracted with Universal Music as well as his EP TRXYE would be issued in year 2014.
Troye Sivan is presently just 24-years-old and he has managed excellently to grab his net worth in millions by now. This has become possible by his three major career endeavours i.e. acting, singing and as youtube personality.
He has offered his voice as a singer, acted in many films and posted many videos which amassed great number of views.