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Yolanda Keels-Walker - Net Worth $1 Million

Yolanda Keels-Walker - Net Worth $1 Million

November 10, 2017

Although this serial entrepreneur has a Instagram following of only 26.2k Followers, she has been mentioned and grouped with some of the social medias Inspirational heavyweights. Keels-Walker, the mother of two and self professed 'Mompreneur' has authored two self help books, in which she inspires others to over come their circumstances and produce wealth for themselves and family. 

Keels-Walker is perhaps best known for her Business Babes, an online resource and business coaching organization of over 30,000 that helps budding female entrepreneurs manage their businesses and grow their circle of influence.

Keels-Walker has amassed her wealth through real estate, speaking engagements, and her commercial salon franchises she builds in the beauty and salon realm.

As her online presence continues to grow so will her net worth and we will keep a eye on this rising social star to keep you updated.