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Harry Lewis - Net Worth $4 Million

Harry Lewis - Net Worth $4 Million

December 16, 2017

Better known as Wroetoshaw. Born Harold Christopher George "Harry" Lewis born November 24, 1996 in Guernsey, is a gaming youtube star.  His videos were heavily based on commentaries of the FIFA series. Wroetoshaw (Harry) is known for his iconic blue jumper which he wears throughout most of his many videos. He also plays GTA 5 on his other channel. 

Lewis mainly partakes in FIFA 'Pink Slip' challenges - a wager match played for a FIFA Ultimate Team Player Card. Lewis became the first person ever to rage-quit in an MLG tournament after he was humiliated 8-1 in a 2-leg Semi-final of a FIFA 14 tournament for the Sidemen. He lived in Guernsey with his parents, sister Rosie and brother named Josh, until September 2014, when he moved to London and moved in with Calfreezy, Marina Joyce, and Callux.

He also has a second channel named W2S Plays, where he plays random games like The Crew.

During the summer of 2014, Harry showed off his wealth by buying a chrome-wrapped Range Rover Evoque(which typically costs around $80,000). He later re-wrapped it with a gold chrome finish. After just a year of driving the Evoque, Harry sold/gave it to Calfreezy. Just before he sold it, Harry re-wrapped the car for the third time, making its current appearance satin black.

Harry now owns a Lamborghini Gallardo 50th Anniversary Edition. He allegedly bought the car on 21 June 2015 but didn't publicly reveal it via YouTube until 11 August 2015. Harry also possess a grey Audi A4, supposedly his casual car for when he goes back to Guernsey.

Harry was the subject of controversy during November 2014. He made a video showing off his "new car" which was a Ferrari 458 (rose-gold). A few weeks later, he admitted he was joking and confirmed the car did not belong to him. It belonged to Yianni from Yiannimize. He was once again the target of abuse. An image of Harry's scrotum was leaked onto the Internet (alongside the caption "IT'S BATHTIME BOYS!") during the 2015 Twitter hack. He has since made a joke out of this and has titled one of his vlogs as such.