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Todrick Hall - Net Worth $5 Million

Todrick Hall - Net Worth $5 Million

December 16, 2017


Born April 4, 1985 in Plainview, Texas, Todrick Hall is an American rapper, singer, actor, dancer, director, choreographer, and YouTuber. He rose to fame on the 9th season of American Idol, where he made it to the semi-finals. Since then, Hall has become notable as a YouTube star and judge on RuPaul's Drag Race. Todrick Hall has been performing on Broadway, and YouTube. As of 2013, Hall is under the management of Scooter Braun Projects. He was featured in Forbes Top 30 under 30 in the Hollywood category in 2014.

Hall is openly gay. dance shows, performs in Broadway, stars in his own self-titled MTV Show and a youtuber who shot to fame with ninth season of American idol where he went to the semi-finals. Known for songs like “freaks like me”, “the wizard of ahhhs” this young man has over 2 million subscribers and 400 million views on youtube.

For his personal life, it is known that Hall was a part of a controversy while being on “American Idol”. It was reported that Todrick was asking several people for a $50 auditioning fee for an upcoming musical called “Oz, the Musical”. The show was cancelled but those who paid didn’t receive a refund. Todrick however denied his involvement with the financial aspect of the project. He has also been featured in Forbes “Top 30 Under 30” during 2014. His Wizard of Oz musical video from YouTube featuring Pentatonix was crowdfunded using Kickstarter, wherein he exceeded the goal that helped production of the video.

He released his first video , a performance of “It’s Hard to Say Goodbye,” in 2008 in youtube. Todd choreographed flash mobs for Ariana Grande and Beyoncé which was  performed in an actual Target store with musical collaborations of Pentatonix. Beyonce later acknowledged hall’s name in relation to the performance. Todrick is a baritenor with a strong, expressive voice, including falsetto. He is also famous as a rapper along with his singing talents.

His works include R&B, pop, hip hop, neo-soul, funk, and musical theatre.He generally writes and produces his own music videos. He has created a huge no.of musical tributes to his favorite musical artists such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift which are also hugely appreciated. Hall has a channel in YouTube known as pop star high which he himself produces.

He also has appeared as a guest judge on the eighth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. He himself released his third album,’straight outta of oz’ which became instantly hit. He also has a huge fan following who call themselves ‘toddlerz’. Todd dedicates most of his songs to his fans.

Presently Hall lives in a 4-bedroom luxurious house in the Hollywood Hills along with a coach/chef, an associate as well as a photographer. 

On July 7, 2016 Hall launched his “Straight Outta Oz” tour depending on the “Straight Outta Oz” visual album which was uploaded on youtube channel in the same year. Todrick Hall is a talented American singer who is also renowned for his youtube channels. All the videos of his singing posted till date has attained great number of subscribers.