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Elle Darby - Net Worth $100 Thousand

Elle Darby - Net Worth $100 Thousand

January 3, 2018

Born December 9, 1995 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England. Ellenor Jane Darby or better known as simply Elle Darby who is A SELF-CONFESSED tubby teenager has transformed herself into a super-fit model and trainer after documenting her weight loss on YouTube. described herself as a “waddling sausage” and would spend hours altering pictures of herself because she hated her body.

She decided to turn life around and embarked on an incredible fitness journey which she shared with the world online.

Elle chronicled her gruelling gym sessions, dietary tips and make-up advice as she transformed herself into an Ellie Goulding lookalike.

She now weighs 8st 2lb with a 25-inch waist and is a size six.

And her story has turned into a new career as she will soon qualify as a personal trainer and has signed up by a modelling agency.

Elle, said: “I made a decision to become the best version of myself I could be – mentally and physically.”

Since then she has launched a fitness website and is currently writing her self help book to follower the “you do you boo” movement she is cultivating online. also having an fitness app; AFLETE.

Her father is Giles Darby, who was extradited to the United States and imprisoned on fraud charges in 2006. Her sister is fellow YouTuber Lucy Jessica Carter.

Darby has around 90,000 subscribers and get on average 100 thousand views on youtube. She has an Instagram following of 90,000 @elledarby_. Outside of the monetization of her youtube videos and paid promotions. Her net worth will more than likely continue to grow over the coming months. We will keep you updated as her star continues to rise.