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Jazz Jennings - Net Worth $500 Thousand

Jazz Jennings - Net Worth $500 Thousand

January 20, 2018
Born October 6, 2000, in coral springs, Florida. Jaron Bloshinsky or as her fans know her Jazz Jennings is perhaps, best known for being the “youngest documented cases of a child openly transitioning from one gender to another." She was 5 years old when she appeared on 20/20 with Barbara Walters, and said she identified as a girl in 2007. Her YouTube channel has over 370,000 subscribers, with over 500, 000 followers on instagram.

 Jennings was born male but embraced her female transgender identity at a young age. The subject of a YouTube video series titled I am Jazz, he also co-wrote a book by the same name describing the struggles of being a transgender girl. She actively participates in LGBTQ rights events and works for several charity organizations.
 When she was just four years old, she received a gender identity disorder diagnosis. Two years later, she began appearing on live television with her parents to discuss her childhood as a transgender person.

Time magazine included her on its 2014 list of "25 Most Influential Teens. She was also named a Human Rights Campaign Youth Ambassador and received Youth Trailblazer Award from LogoTV. In March 2015, an announcement was made by Johnson & Johnson that Jazz would be appearing in their Clean & Clear commercials. She became a spokesmodel for Clean & Clear’s digital campaign and shared her experiences and struggles. She also modeled for a NOH8 campaign. NOH8 is a charitable organization that promotes LGBT rights and gender and human equality.

Jennings revealed that she received the name Jazz from her sister, who played the role of Princess Jasmine in a school play. She was born Jared, and her mother Jeanette only recently started calling her Jazz.

Jazz receives the bulk of her net worth from her TLC deal, book sales, and her endorsements. Jazz only receives a small amount of earnings from her YouTube Channel. As she seldom posts on a regular basis.