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FattyPillow - Net Worth $815 Thousand

FattyPillow - Net Worth $815 Thousand

Karel Sivák or better known by his fans as FattyPillow is a extremely famous Czech YouTuber, This social influencer from Trebic has taken the internet world by storm through a myrid of musical compositions uploaded on Youtube and Twitch. He has tens of thousands of fans following him every day all of his social networking sites his snippets from their Twitch broadcast.The FattyPillow account was created on December 1, 2014, over the course of 11 months earned over 142,000 fans on the Facebook social network , 240,000 on YouTube, and over 160,000 on Twitch. 

Sivak was always interested in music and song composition as a child and decided to take it further. In 2013, Sivak started publishing hip hop and rap songs on his internet channel by the name Fat Network. On October 6, 2013 he named himself Fat Charlie on Twitch. Sivak joined Youtube on in December of 2014 and within a matter of 11 months gained a huge following. with 142, 000 fans on Facebook and 150,000 on Twitch. By March 17, his fans soared to a whooping  480,000 and continues to grow everyday!

On February 2015, Sivak received the Silver Play Button from Youtube channel for reaching 100,000 subscribers. True to his name, Sivak is heavily built and is also known by the name Karl fat. He is seen in several videos with his girlfriend Sarah who recently shifted to Prague. Sivak is considered as one of the best and most popular Youtube streamer and entertainer. Earning $150,000 a year, Sivak has a massed a net worth of $815,000 and growing.