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Jake Paul tries to rip off


Jake Paul tries to rip off Chloe Lmao on Vine and she ATTACKS

If you have a good WiFi connection, chances are you've seen the "who is she???" vine that wen't VIRAL.

We can thank Vine star Chloe Woodard aka Chloe Lmao for that beauty, and while we already loved her so much, we have even more reason to admire her now.

She's completely shut DOWN the biggest internet pest of the century: Jake Paul.

Jake recently posted a re-creation of her "who is she" clip to Twitter, writing, "Don't let Vine die..."
Chloe, not appreciating her name being associated with Jake, replied, "Hey Jake! That's my vine! I would say 'in the future, tag me!' but there is no future, stop using my content, and do not associate with me in any way thanks."

But knowing Jake, he couldn't let that slide without being a right d*ckhead back.
Re-creating the video again, he responded to her, this time turning around with his middle finger.

Chloe then responded, "I would try to recreate one of your iconic moments as a response but unfortunately they're all disgraceful events in which you were publicly shamed. So thanks for the @ king!"